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Power Soccer of Indy is making changes...

Photo by In the Light Photography, Jennise Rodriguez, 2014 Champions, Presidents, Founders Cup!
Dear Coaches, Managers, Administrators, and Sponsors,
This past season we celebrated Power Soccer of Indy's ten year anniversary. A lot has taken place over these past ten years; growing from a couple of teams to thirteen at one period in time, the creation of the Mid America Power Soccer League, giving teams in our region opportunity to participate and belong to a league that offers competition and help them with their game requirements. We were also proud to have had a large majority of our athletes represent our league Power Soccer of Indy, the USPSA and the United States of America in international play. All very proud moments for all of us.
The past few years we have been struggling to fill our board and the load has come down to just a couple of people. Though we tried to fill these positions, it was clear everybody was just too busy to commit. 
After much reflection, the reality is that our organization had morphed into more of a league management organization than a team/player development program. This requires a solid base of volunteers to help facilitate the day to day operations. Due to the lack of people, we have veered away from doing anything additional and just focused on running the league. Clinics have been at a minimum, here in Indiana and across the country.
Therefore the board has come to a difficult decision, and that is to close the doors on Power Soccer of Indy as a league organization. This will obviously affect our local teams as well as the regional teams, however over the past years, teams have taken on the responsibility to organize, broadcast, schedule and manage their league day, secure sponsors and manage their practices. That has been awesome. There will be some things that will change though, however we will give you the resources to move forward without much disturbance to your team.
Here is how it will change:
  1. All Power Soccer of Indy teams would  now be autonomous
    • Book and pay for own practice facility
    • Work with other teams to plan league days
    • Membership requirement will only be to USPSA 
    • Continue to secure their own sponsors
  2. We will no longer collect membership fees for referee payments.
  3. We will no longer plan league days as an organization.
  4. We will no longer pay referees for games.
  5. We will no longer organize referee training and recruitment.
  6. We will no longer provide insurance for teams.
  7. We will no longer manage bank accounts for teams.
  8. We will no longer manage a league website with teams/scores/etc.
  9. We would no longer operate as Power Soccer of Indy.
  10. We would no longer operate as a DBA, MidAmerica Power Soccer League.
The USPSA will pick up where we left off.
  1. Membership with USPSA will continue as is through their league membership.
  2. Teams can purchase their insurance through USPSA at a nominal cost.
  3. If you have an active bank account with PSI, you are able to open up a new account under the USPSA with the same 501c3 benefits for your sponsors. 
  4. All teams who are no longer members but still have balances in your account, the funds will be absorbed by Power Soccer of Indy and be earmarked to clinics and growth.
What will be required of you...
  1. Teams will have to pay referees for all games that they play.
  2. Teams will need to work directly with Mike McCoy to schedule referees.
What will happen to Power Soccer of Indy?
Power Soccer of Indy will change its name to "Power Soccer Development Group" and go back to its roots to educate, recruit and provide a hands-on experience through clinics in Indiana, the region and the country. More information will be forthcoming.
Our family has received great rewards from this sport and are thankful for the day Jerry Frick came into our lives. We move forward with this vision of change in memory of Jerry Frick and his wish of reaching out to the all too many power wheelchair users that have not heard of our sport. We will continue his legacy as we dedicate ourselves to growing teams again.
We are here for support should you need us, however I know with the many veteran coaches we have in the area, we have a wealth of knowledge and they can become a resource for those younger teams.
I'd like to personally thank the many people over the years who have contributed to our organization. You know who you are. There have been many that have stepped up through the years and there are too  many to list and would be afraid I may miss someone. 
I would like to give special thanks to the current board and volunteer staff Carrie Hayes, Tracy Albertson and Dominic Russo who have been diligent the last 5-8 years in operations, Cheryl Heer our merchandise guru for all 10 years, Andrew Seever and Ginny Munson for their efforts to keep the website updated with schedules and  game results, and of course, all of the coaches, team managers who give selflessly each season to make this sport all it can be. 
Thank you to Mike McCoy for your passion in this sport and always being there to support our local and regional teams through officiating.
I will always have a special place in my heart for our Power Soccer of Indy teams and the joy you have given us over the years. Now it is time to share what you have with the all so many yet to play.
This is effective immediately.
This website will close down Feb. 2018.
Karen Russo
President | Power Soccer of Indy
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