Providing wheelchair users the thrill of a team sport in the Midwest.

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Welcome to MidAmerica Power Soccer & Power Soccer of Indy!

Photo by In the Light Photography, Jennise Rodriguez, 2014 Champions, Presidents, Founders Cup!
Welcome to the world of Power Soccer! This is a powerful sport played by children and adults in power wheelchairs. It is fast-paced, highly competitive and fun to watch game that will capture your heart and your cheers as you watch these athletes play a game that they love.
In 2013, the MidAmerica Power Soccer League was born out of Power Soccer of Indy to help grow and stimulate competitive play in the Midwest region. With the growth across the United States,  it was important for these teams to have a league home. Teams as far as New York, Illinois, Ohio and Missouri are members of this league. Membership is open to teams in our surrounding states. For more information on the MidAmerica Power Soccer League, please email
We are dedicated to the growth of the sport in Indiana and across our region. We are committed to educating the public that this is not just any wheelchair sport. You have got to see it to feel the real impact. This game is full of strategy, skill, speed, and determination.
Click on the Master Schedule to see all scheduled games, our practices, our travels, they are posted monthly, sign up to get notices of events, clinics and tournaments. Please check with a team member before visiting a practice to let them know you would like to attend as a spectator. Come be part of our family, as a fan, as a sponsor, as a volunteer, or even train to be a referee, there is a warning however, you may get hooked!
Power Soccer of Indy/MidAmerica League athletes have been dominate on the International teams, these athletes help to make up part of the  2007 US National Team in Japan,  2011 Team, Paris, France, the 2013 U- 18 Team in France, and the 2014 Copa America in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. We are proud to have some of the best teams and players in the country, with the accolades to prove it.  Kudos to our volunteer coaches who work tirelessly with their team and help to make a difference in these lives.  
The current national team and staff was recently selected and are busy preparing for the next World Cup.
Indiana athletes are a powerful force on the team, congratulations to:
Michael Archer, Case Calvert, Natalie Russo, Jordan Dickey and Katie Dickey
The team staff is also an Indiana powerhouse with:
Head Coach Mike Hayes from Circle City Rollers,
Team Manager, Carrie Hayes from Circle City Rollers,
Equipment Manager, Mark Berron from Turnstone 
Athletes and Staff from across our region, members of the MidAmerica League also add their talent to the team;
Peyton Sefick, CNY United
Andrew Cunningham, CNY United
Mark Pratt, Team Manager, River City Phoenix
Congratulations to them all!
Recognition to our Past National Team Members from Indiana;
Michael Archer 2007, 2011, Case Calvert 2011, Lexi Heer 2013, 2014,  Michael Rodriguez 2013, JC Russo, 2007, 20112014  
Natalie Russo 2007, 2014, Zack Dickey 2013, Katie Dickey 2011, Jordan Dickey 2011
From our region;
Peyton Sefick 2011

Award winners!

MAPSL Season Winners

Congratulations to all the winners from the 2014-2015 season!

by posted 11/09/2015
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