Providing wheelchair users the thrill of a team sport in the Midwest.

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My child is in a power wheelchair but is only 4 years old. Is there a place for him?

Although the national organization prohibits competition of children under 5 years old, Power Soccer of Indy feels this is a great time and place for your child to be introduced to the sport. Though they may not have the attention span of an older child they can benefit from being out on the court and having the opportunity to learn the basics of the game. Children younger than five are usually assigned to a team that will mentor them in a casual way. They will not participate in sanctioned games but may play casually within the league.

I am in a manual wheelchair, do you have a power wheelchair I can use?

The sport is specifically designed for people who are power wheelchair users or for those that may be transitioning to a power chair in the future. There are also participants who can not play another sport due to their disability and we welcome them to power soccer. Power Soccer of Indy has a supply of power wheelchairs that can be loaned to an athlete for one year, free of charge. This will give the participant the opportunity to try out the sport for the year and decide if they want to continue. At the completion of the year, the athlete may continue to use the chair by; a) renting b) purchasing for a low cost or, c) investing in a new chair through Power Soccer Shop or another vendor.

How can my child participate if there is no team in our area?

Though we have many teams throughout the state, we do not have one on every area. If you are interested in starting a team in your area we are ready to guide and assist in every way. Please contact the organization for more information on how to start your own team.